I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and have full and valid Professional, Public and Products Liability Insurance.

I am a Senior Tutor and Licensed Consultant with Expectancy, the leading authority on complementary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth and accredited courses for Midwives

I am passionate about my work and have appropriate knowledge and training in pregnancy, fertility and gynaecological conditions, including miscarriage, which may be related to fertility issues.

I am an experienced and compassionate practitioner who is committed to facilitating normal pregnancy and birth and providing satisfying experiences for women.

My approach is to offer safe, evidence-based treatments to give you the best possible chance of becoming pregnant. Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally, or if you are using assisted conception (IVF, ICSI, IUI, donor egg, donor sperm), I can support you along the way

I understand natural conception and assisted conception procedures, including miscarriage and pregnancy conditions and what these mean for you physically, emotionally and financially

I utilise my knowledge base and use appropriate treatments to suit your individual needs while working alongside your personal fertility protocol during IVF down regulation, follicle stimulation, egg retrieval, before and after egg transfer and around implantation

I understand the emotional roller coaster some women and couples experience on their individual fertility and pregnancy journeys and I have first rate experience helping women with stress and anxiety during these difficult times. I always attempt to take your emotions, stress levels and general health into consideration at each visit.

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