If you are approaching your estimated due date (EDD) you may be thinking about using complementary therapies to help start your labour naturally.

I offer specialist treatments for low risk, post-dates pregnancies which involves the use of acupuncture and/or a combination of techniques using aromatherapy massage with essential oils chosen for specific therapeutic qualities, reflexology and acupressure. The aim of the treatment is to promote relaxation to facilitate cervical ripening and the onset of contractions. Effective treatment can potentially, prevent the use of medical induction of labour and other medical interventions.

The remainder of the essential oil blend will be given to you to take home with full instructions on how to continue to use them at home to encourage, spontaneous onset of labour.

Post-dates sessions are available from 40 weeks of pregnancy (your due date) onwards.

Calendar with weeks 40 of pregnant with pregnancy woman background. Maternity concept. Expecting an upcoming baby. Due date countdown.
Due date written and circled in calendar, close up


Acupuncture can be used alone or with other complementary therapies for post-dates pregnancy to induce labour naturally, depending on your pregnancy history and preference While clinical research is inconclusive and does not support acupuncture to stimulate contractions, there is evidence to suggest that it helps mature the cervix which prepares the body for labour, shortens the length of labour and women use less pain relief.

I am aware that this can be an anxious time in your pregnancy. In my clinic, I provide individualised treatments to suit your needs. Often, this includes using acupuncture points for relaxation and emotional issues, which are very common if women have gone over their estimated due dates (EDD) as they become increasingly, agitated and anxious to avoid medical induction. An individualised approach aims to improve your emotional well- being, while addressing aspects such as cervical ripening and encouraging your baby to be in an optimal position.

Clinical trials suggest that acupuncture is safe in pregnancy and pregnant women feel a sense of satisfaction and psychological support when using acupuncture for post-dates pregnancy.  This is probably because they are using a natural approach to trigger labour.

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