I was just about to start another IVF cycle when I contacted Amanda about fertility acupuncture. I had experienced an unsuccessful cycle, along with two miscarriages. I was feeling deflated and nervous about trying for another baby and wanted to do something different that would help to take the focus off previous experiences. I had always wanted to try acupuncture and had read the benefits associated with fertility and IVF. Despite the short notice, Amanda was very accommodating and took the time to understand my journey so far. She explained what she could offer, with no pressure to commit, and I was really positive that acupuncture would be a great addition to my upcoming IVF cycle. I was a little nervous about the treatment but Amanda was very calming and made me feel at ease throughout. She took into consideration how I was feeling at the start of each session and explained everything she was doing, which I really appreciated. I was surprised at how relaxed I felt after each session. Amanda is extremely knowledgable, caring and empathetic. She was an incredibly positive support, helping me see the positives and keeping me believing that I would be successful in having another baby. I received treatments weekly prior to my IVF cycle and throughout, including two sessions on the day of embryo transfer. Amanda also advised me on my general wellbeing. Without a doubt this supported me hugely, both emotionally and physically, and helped calm my anxieties throughout. I felt different during this IVF cycle and that I was giving my body what it needed, which I believe contributed to us achieving the successful outcome we had hoped for. I can’t recommend Amanda enough and I am extremely grateful. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her for additional support in the future.


A big thank you for your support, the acupuncture certainly helped with the whole process, it kept me calm and able to deal with the uncertainty of IVF in sections which kept me focused, and now we have what we have always wanted and couldn’t be happier xx

Lizzy Crisp

Amanda was recommended to me by a fellow midwife and colleague. Throughout pregnancy I experienced raised BP and gestational diabetes. After 2 sessions of acupuncture my BP stabilised as did my blood sugars. Amanda was professional and provided detailed information about all treatments and aftercare. Towards the end of pregnancy I also had a aromatherapy massage this helped reduce anxiety and prepare for birth. I would definitely recommend Amanda to fellow colleagues and other women. I couldn't have made it through those last few weeks without her! Thank you!

Emily Blowers

I cannot recommend Amanda enough, particularly for pregnancy related treatments. Amanda came highly recommended from friends who have also visited her for many pregnancy treatments and medical related treatments. At 38 weeks gestation I had my first appointment with Amanda for a full body pregnancy massage. At this point in my pregnancy I was extremely fatigued, achy, suffering from nausea and some insomnia. I was also becoming quite anxious about the upcoming birth of my baby. I had the most amazing full body pregnancy massage, where Amanda listened to my current problems and mixed oils to ease the symptoms. As a midwife, Amanda also spoke to me about the positioning of my baby and took the time to sit down and talk through any worries I had. She really put my mind at ease and discussed at length what I wanted from my next appointment which included reflexology, massage and acupuncture to prepare my body for birth. I felt amazing after my massage and felt that my sleep improved throughout the week. Unfortunately, my little lady decided to make an early entrance so I could not attend my follow up appointment. However I fully intend to attend more appointments in the future. I actually live in Wilmslow, so a good 45 minute drive, however I will happily attend future appointments with Amanda as I felt so comfortable throughout my appointment and her wealth of knowledge really is truly amazing. I have also recommended Amanda to friends that are currently pregnant and also family for other treatments.

Verity Glenn

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was starting to ache, feel very uncomfortable and was feeling anxious about being induced. The pregnancy massages which I had with Amanda worked wonders. I felt totally relaxed and believe that they helped me to go into labour naturally.

Fareha Ahmed

Amanda was amazing at giving the acupuncture treatment. She could tell I was anxious and helped to calm me down before starting anything. I gave birth within a week of receiving the acupuncture. She followed up with me even after the treatment to see how I was getting along and provided me with tips. Would highly recommend x

Cheryl Haywood

I went to Amanda at the end of my pregnancy in an attempt to induce labour as I was overdue. Amanda was very knowledgeable and I received a great service generally. I would recommend.


Amanda provides an understanding and supportive service in a safe, calm and relaxing atmosphere. I had comments from work colleagues and family about how more relaxed I was following treatment with Amanda. Her knowledge and experience provides a reassurance during a difficult time. I would highly recommend her.


After 2 miscarriages I was thinking that I was too old to have a baby. I wasn’t sure about going down the IVF route at this point so thought I would look at alternative treatments to get my mind and my body healthy.

I found Amanda through a friend and decided to make an appointment. I started acupuncture following my second miscarriage. Amanda was so kind and knowledgeable she made me feel at ease. I always left my appointments feeling calm and relaxed. Not being in control of things is hard for me as I always try and work hard to achieve my goals and this one is the biggest challenge. Amanda suggested clinical hypnosis which I didn’t know much about she talked me through it and I gave it go. It left me feeling positive and I would definitely recommend it.

I have learned so much about my body and also my mind how things affect them in ways that we don’t always understand. Although I’m still on a journey I feel much more positive about the way I’m going. I can’t recommend Amanda enough she is a true professional and so knowledgable about all areas of her practice. She is always there to advise and support with lots of research that backs everything up. I feel positive about the future so thank you Amanda.


Amanda has been treating my Arthritis with acupuncture for just over a year and I am mostly pain free with the inflammation in my hands hardly noticeable. I am so pleased and relieved that there is a way to deal with my health issue without having to take medication, so thank you Amanda.

Stacey Larkin

I was suffering from hyperemesis (severe pregnancy sickness) and decided to give acupuncture a try for the first time in my life. Amanda made me feel at ease and discussed all of my symptoms, the acupuncture did not hurt at all and actually made me feel quite relaxed. I felt I was in safe hands. From the first session I noticed a difference and my symptoms definitely eased. I had two sessions in total. I would recommend this treatment type, it certainly helped me and provided some relief which I was desperate for. Thank you Amanda. Xx


I feel like a new woman! I can honestly say that my hip has felt so much better! The pain would wake me up throughout the night before but last night I had a great sleep. Also managed to have a few great naps! (I hadn't felt like I'd slept properly for months before). I just feel better overall than I have for what seems like a long time. Thank you very much xxx


I contacted Amanda in the weeks approaching the end of the UK lockdown, as I was due shortly for my IVF embryo transfer. Despite it being very short notice and clinics only just beginning to re-open, Amanda was excellent in suitably accommodating my needs and providing acupuncture before, during and after my transfer. Amanda is extremely thorough, executing her work in a calm and professional but friendly manner. She was happy to answer any questions I had, and provided great knowledgeable advice in all pregnancy areas. Amanda’s acupuncture treatments have also helped me greatly to manage my nausea during the first trimester, although thankfully it has now subsided, if it does happen to return I will be in contact with Amanda in a flash! Thank you again, Amanda x


Amanda, I want to say a huge thank you for the acupuncture session I had with you before being induced. I don’t know if that’s what helped, but after the midwife broke my waters my daughter was here in 1.5 hours!! You have a professional approach to your service and a lovely personality too – made me feel at ease. Thank you

Amazing experience will defiantly be coming back again so kind and educated about her role which made me feel at ease straight away. would highly recommend.
I cannot recommend Amanda enough. She is highly skilled, empathetic and extremely knowledgable. I visited her in the last month of my pregnancy and she used massage, acupuncture and essential oils. All had an extremely positive effect on my health and well being. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is either pregnant or wishing to be.Thanks for all Amanda x
all of my appointments with Amanda were absolutely amazing. whilst pregnant I suffered really badly with PGP and sciatica, I went to Amanda for just a massage but she helped me with so much more! the massage was absolutely amazing, but she also showed me exercises that I could do and that my partner could help me with and gave me some acupuncture. she also gave me the mix of essential oils used in my appointment to use at home, and I loved using it in the bath. Amanda is amazing in general and so comforting and reassuring to speak to.
Amanda is a beautiful person inside and out! as soon as I had my first treatment with Amanda I felt instantly relaxed. I felt so at ease with Amanda and her knowledge of both aromotherapy and also midwifery is amazing and I felt so comftable and at ease knowing that she certainly knows her stuff! she made me so welcome and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pregnancy massages or for any kind of pregnancy treatment. the clinic is beautiful and calming and I look forward to everytime I have my appointment. ❤️ I would reccomend Amanda any day of the week to any friends family or general public. she's amazing! her treatments are amazing and really really do work! i suffer severely with panic attacks and anxiety and going to see Amanda really really does help me! 1000% reccomend.
Well what can I say??Amanda has helped me through two pregnancies, not only my with acupuncture and wonderful relaxing massages but also through talking therapy.There have been times I’ve turned up at her clinic in tears where she’s soothed and calmed me.Amanda’s has always been at the end of the phone or text to check how I am and to put things into perspective.Amanda totally saved me through my last pregnancy not only mentally but physically, by using moxi-bustion on my 37 week baby boy.Using moxi-bustion in clinic with Amanda and then at home with my partner we managed to turn my breech baby which facilitated me having a wonderful home birth just as I had planned.Thank you Amanda, you are forever a special part of mine and my baby’s lives xxx
Just had the most amazing pregnancy massage with Amanda. My back feels so much better now. Amanda made me feel very at ease & talked me through everything she was doing. I will definitely be returning. Highly recommend
Having seen Amanda twice all I can say is how professional she is and how beneficial her therapies have been for me! I have had a full body pregnancy massage at the beginning of my pregnancy and this was just what I needed! The combination of the massage and the aromatic oils helped calm and relax me. My second visit was for acupuncture for the nausea and sickness which I had been experiencing throughout my pregnancy. Amanda was so gentle and professional and talked me through the acupuncture. After 2 days my nausea had subsided and was much more manageable. I would 100% recommend Amanda and her therapies!
Had a fabulous pregnancy massage with Amanda. It massively helped my sciatica which pretty much disappeared from the day I had my massage (35 weeks) and stayed away until baby delivered (39 weeks). I only wish I had gone a bit sooner. It was so easy to relax around Amanda and I would recommend her pregnancy massages to anyone not just for pregnancy aches and pains but simply for relaxation
I would highly recommend Amanda she is such a kind and lovely lady... at 28 weeks pregnant my baby turned breech and caused horrendous pain and numbness down my left leg I could hardly walk, Amanda managed to get me in straight away, and recommended we try acupuncture and zone therapy to treat the pain I can honestly say the relief I felt from the first session was instant I have sinse continued to have differnt treatments with Amanda and after every session iv felt amazing after.Thank you again Amanda ❤
This lady is absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I initially went for a pregnancy massage which was so relaxing, however I went back for some post date treatment as I was past my due date and was really anxious about being induced again. Within a few days I went into natural labour and the pain relief advise I received was of a great help. Thank you so much for everything.
I visited Amanda on a few occasions through out my pregnancy with a few different reason. I was suffering with really bad heads and anxiety. Amanda suggested that I could try accupuntue which I did and it helped me alot. It was in a beautiful relaxed environment and very peaceful. I would recommend Amanda to anyone that needs any treatments that's she provides.
Lovely lady, made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Excellent massage and reflexology I felt so much better afterwards. I will be returning in the future.
I visited Amanda when I was way past my due date and my induction was imminent. I had been told that my daughters head was not only not engaged, but was so high in my pelvis I was showing no signs of going into spontaneous labour. By visiting Amanda, I was hoping to help my baby engage. I was also feeling very fed up and anxious as to why there was no engagement and what it would mean in my induction. Amanda from the onset of contacting her was incredibly accommodating and professional. She squeezed me in, even though she had a very busy day the day before my induction. As soon as I arrived she made me feel at ease and talked through my situation and worries and what she could do to help. The setting is incredibly relaxing and she helped me to better understand my situation.She performed acupressure to encourage baby to engage, and aromatherapy massage which was incredibly relaxing and soothing! Amanda taught me what she was doing throughout, so I could repeat the techniques on my own to help bring about natural labour. I left feeling much calmer, confident and knowledgeable about my induction and when I was examined on arrival at the hospital, baby’s head was in the pelvic region, so I think the therapy really helped me. Thanks Amanda for all your support.
1) Using Acupressure Acupressure helped me so much during my labour, thank you Amanda.My experience using acupressure points shown to my husband by Amanda was amazing.I was pregnant with my third son, and in labour when I found these points to be of so much relief. I started having mild contractions from about 8am. At 10.00am, these had become very powerful and were well established. So with being in a degree of uncomfortable pain we tried the acupressure point combinations Amanda had taught us The power of these points provided so much relief and helped with the pain from my contractions.I would lean against the wall with on my hands whilst my husband used his thumbs to apply pressure to the lower back points. The relief initially was miraculous! I wondered actually, that with just touch, how it could ease a pain that I considering to be quite powerful. We continued to use this method every couple of minutes when a contraction occurred. You do have to really press into the points, the more pressure applied, I felt helped help me to control my contractions with great effect. The use of acupressure is something I would highly recommend to use, especially while at home or upon arrival to the hospital as the contractions become thicker and faster. Infact, with the help of my husband I continued to acupressure throughout my labour, especially the points on my legs. I would most definitely recommend using acupressure for birth preparation and during labour. Thank you Amanda for your knowlege and expertise.Donna Simpson2) When I used essential Oils For Labour.I started using a carefully selected hand made blend from Amanda as my due date loomed. In a way it probably forced me to slow down and relax, which I now realise contributed to reducing adrenaline & cortisol or stress hormones because let’s face it, come the very final days of pregnancy we all can become irritable, anxious and stressed.The oils/blend was applied to a warm bath and all I had to do was to sit and relax whilst my body absorbed the oils. I did this for about three consecutive evenings. By this time I was beginning to enjoy this moment of each day because I became more relaxed and in turn slept better. More importantly come day three I was experiencing the very first stages of some movements. The dull ache of stomach pains and the loss of my mucus plug. After each bath I was also shown some acupressure points to help compliment my essential oil bath. These points were on my legs and hands. Using the combination and having safe knowledge from Amanda, I do feel that this encouraged my body to naturally aid my oxytocin production.Established labour occurred the following morning. Resulting in a beautiful healthy baby boy. Thank you Amanda for your expertise and giving me safe information how to use aromatherapy and essential oils.Donna Simpson.
After seeing Amanda's post on FB for facial accupunture with the celluma LED light therapy I thought I would give it a try as I have been suffering with red and dry flaky skin on my face. I have know Amanda for several years but only had massages (which are one of the best massages I've ever had) So I had my first treatment at the end of January and I had instant results In fact if it wasn't my face I wouldnt believe the improvement! Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and she has such a lovely persona making you feel at ease and keeping you comfortable during the treatment and very professional. Amanda starts with the body needles and whilst you can feel them they do not hurt then the facial Needles can be a little bit eye watering but its only the initial entering of the needle. Then the lovely relaxing celluma light is put over your face and then finally a lovely nourishing face mask to end the treatment before removing the Needles. Amanda is not only treating my skin she is unraveling the deeper issues within my body that have caused the traumas to manifestek on my face. Amanda has give me aftercare and recommend many skincare and makeup products to explore that are pure and paraban free. I had my 2nd treatment yesterday and again I noticed a huge different as you will see from the photos. I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone and she offers various treatments to suit your needs and or concerns.
Amanda has supported me throughout both my pregnancies with massage, acupressure and acupuncture for various pregnancy related concerns carpal tunnel, aches and pains, preparing for induction and the general stress of pregnancy. Amanda's knowledge is amazing and she is able to put you at ease with any concerns you have. The treatments I have received have mainly been to ease pain or to relax and Amanda has certainly met the brief. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough as she has been an incredible support particularly throughout my second pregnancy. Thank You Amanda 😘xxx
I have been going to Amanda for many years now for mainly back/neck/shoulder massages and other complementary therapies, and I can highly recommend her. Amanda instantly puts you at ease, she’s very friendly and is keen to understand what support you need from her. The setting is fantastic, very professional but also very warm and comfortable. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for my treatments 🙂 thanks Amanda xx
Amanda continues to be amazing throughout my pregnancy! Amanda has seen me for acupuncture, reflexology and pregnancy massage, each one tailored to suit how I am feeling and based on what stage of pregnancy I am at. She has continued to keep me calm, kept sickness at bay and has provided invaluable information in between midwife appointments. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
I saw Amanda during early pregnancy for acupuncture to help with anxiety and also sickness. The acupuncture helped to keep my sickness manageable and I really noticed a difference when I couldn’t make one week. Amanda is very professional, personable and has so much knowledge which instantly puts you at ease. She has lots of tips and really cares about her patients. I’m Looking forward to trying her pregnancy massages later in my pregnant
I first met Amanda when I was going through fertility treatment; I was looking for some "extra" help to compliment the treatments provided by the clinic. Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable about so many aspects of pregnancy and women's health that it soon became clear there was more to work on than just my reproductive system. I went for regular visits and each treatment was bespoke to me, on that day, at that point and sometimes Amanda would work on my anxiety and stress rather than the final goal of pregnancy. Since seeing Amanda, I became pregnant from just the second transfer (after having 2 failed transfers previously). Once I became pregnant, I maintained my regular appointments and Amanda treated all aspects of my health throughout. I experienced quite bad eczema during my pregnancy which became so severe at points that my arms were bleeding but the difference in my skin had to be seen to be believed after an appointment. I was offered all sorts of lotions but the most remarkable difference came from the acupuncture. I also experienced quite high stress and anxiety with the combined pressure of a pregnancy and a demanding job but again, Amanda was able to combine the treatments for pregnancy and well being to ensure I left each appointment in top form. I was able to keep active and fit throughout my pregnancy with very little sickness and able to truly focus on my new baby and what was ahead of me.I recently met my bundle of joy and I honestly couldn't be more grateful to all Amanda has done for me and my family. Not only have I met a true professional who I consider to be one of the best in her field but I have made a friend for life that I will never be able to repay for what she has given me.Thank you Amanda! I would highly recommend you and your services.
I first visited Amanda in the early stages of my pregnancy, I have fibromyalgia and Amanda put me at ease straight away and her treatment space is so relaxing. I had acupuncture treatments every few weeks during my pregnancy and at the end I had pregnancy massages. The treatments helped with my sleep and my pain as well as normal pregnancy symptoms. If I went longer than two weeks I really noticed the pain returning and the sleep disruption came back. During my treatments I felt instantly calm. Amanda is a great listener, she is really knowledgable and I really looked forward to every visit.
I had moxibustion off Amanda at the end of my pregnancy when I found out my baby was lying breech. My baby turned at the last minute and I believe that the moxibustion (along with other exercises) encouraged my baby to turn into the right position! Thank you!
I have been seeing Amanda throughout my pregnancy. Amanda is friendly, approachable, knowledgable and informative. She has really helped me to relax in pregnancy, kept pains at bay and helped to prepare me for the birth. After suffering hip problems in previous pregnancies I decided to go and see Amanda And truly believe that she has helped to keep any pains to a minimum. Amanda is also very professional and has educated me on alternative and complementary therapies which was a new realm to me previously. I would recommend to everyone, whether it be in relation to a specific issue or just to take the time out for a relaxing pregnancy massage.
I found Amanda caring and very sensitive to my personal needs. She was flexible with appointments around my IVF treatment and I always come away from appointments with a sense of calm. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Amanda.
I visited Amanda during 2 cycles of IVF. Amanda was is so professional and knowledgeable. She is really caring and supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I didn’t feel like just a client, she is more of a friend. I had acupuncture regularly throughout the IVF and also between cycles for relaxation. For me it really helped and couldn’t have got through the procedures without the acupuncture or Amanda. I highly recommend xxx
I visited Amanda from around 30 weeks pregnant to have acupuncture to help me with pregnancy insomnia and anxiety.... i can honestly say Amanda helped me through the toughest part of my pregnancy and I couldn’t of got through it without her help , it’s such an effective treatment and I couldn’t believe how well it worked for me ... not only is she amazing at what she does , she’s a lovely , professional person aswel... I would highly recommend her ... thank you Amanda xxxx
I cannot recommend Amanda enough. After suffering three miscarriages and being told by the medical professionals that I should stop trying for a baby because I was too old, I now have a beautiful 4 week old baby girl. Amanda is truly professional and goes above and beyond to make you feel relaxed. I have not met anybody as passionate about what they do as Amanda is. Whether trying to conceive or if you need some help and relaxation during your pregnancy I would definitely give Amanda a visit.
I went to see Amanda after having an ectopic pregnancy followed by a miscarriage. Amanda made me feel at ease, listening to all my concerns and tailoring the treatment to meet my needs. After several treatments I fell pregnant and have continued to have acupuncture to help with morning sickness and general well-being throughout my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough, she is very professional and reassuring and more importantly cares for those she treats.
I visited Amanda yesterday for a pregnancy massage; back, neck and shoulders. She was absolutely fantastic. She explained her back ground and the purpose of holistic therapy during pregnancy. I felt in safe hands as her knowledge of womans health and pregnancy is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage, I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed. Thanks again!! Definitely recommend 🙂
I received a full body massage as a present from my parter, and at 37 weeks it was needed, as I struggled with terrible back pain, at first I was a little anxious as I didn't know what to expect but Amanda was so professional and reassuring that I felt at ease straight away, she's wonderful, went though my questionnaire and asked about the pregnancy so I knew I was 100% suitable for treatment and even offered advice and treatment for PUPPS (pregnancy rash),the massage itself was fantastic, I can't tell enough people how relaxed and calm I felt afterwards, never mind that I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, & to top it off I had a brilliant nights sleep due to the wonderful essential oils Amanda used which she said would help sleep and relaxation and never mind to nourish and refresh my skin. It was a wonderful experience and I can't recommend Amanda any more, it's worth every penny ☺️
Can't begin to say how amazing this lady is and how amazing her service is! She helped me get through a condition called PUPPS (PEP) whilst being 30 weeks pregnant. As soon as I decided I would try acupuncture I rang Amanda and she instantly realised how upset and stressed I was and tried to fit me into her busy schedule. I was so thankful of her as the acupuncture has helped immensely. I can now carry on with the rest of my pregnancy with ease
I had a wonderful relaxing full body pregnancy massage last month. Amanda has a unique experience of midwifery and holistic therapy so you feel in good hands when you're pregnant and you need to relax!. I would definitely recommend ��
I came to this lady for a massage while pregnant I suffered with hyperemisis and spd. .. she was amazing , she really takes care of you ... atmosphere great an so relaxing. Would definitely recommend .
I received Reflexology from Amanda during my pregnancy to help with SPD. I found it incredibly relaxing and helped with pain management throughout. I felt Amanda knew what she was talking about and was able to offer really great guidance and advice. I'd highly recommend!!!
I highly recommend a visit to Amanda! I visited Amanda a couple times before the arrival of my little lady. Amanda was highly professional and knowledgeable and recommended the best treatments for me. I didn't feel rushed and felt totally relaxed when I left. Thanks again Amanda!!
Couldn't recommend Amanda enough!! Treated myself and bump to full body massage and reflexology which had us more than ready and relaxed for labour day..beautiful relaxing pamper suite..and to top it off a wealth of knowledge and experience in pregnancy and labour..extremely reliable and always there when I needed a little reassurance and knowledge!! Get booking in ladies, gents and bumps x x
I have been today for my first ever massage and at 29weeks pregnant I can't recommend enough. I feel absolutely fantastic, so relaxed! Thank you for working your magic Amanda, I will be back! X
I had a post dates treatment with Amanda in hopes of starting labour off. I had acupuncture for the first time and had reflexology with aromatherapy oils all of which were very relaxing. Amanda is so easy to talk to and extremely knowledgable and passionate about the treatments she offers. Less than 24hours after the treatment I started to have contractions and I went on to have a very quick and straightforward delivery later that night. Therefore I could not recommend Amanda any more highly!
I've only had one session with Amanda so far but would highly recommend. Very relaxing and calming x
Highly recommend, I've had treatment whilst I've been pregnant & it completely relaxed me it was just what I needed. Amanda is a true professional & very passionate & knowledgeable about what she does.
I suffered with spd, restlessnes, sleepless uncomfortable nights and very irritable during my third trimester of pregnancy. I was advised by my midwife to try massage and acupuncture and she gave me amandas details. It was the best decision I made, I only had 2 sessions as my baby was nearly 3 weeks early but both massage and acupuncture relaxed me and eased the pain, I had better nights sleep and felt more comfortable. The pain and discomfort did not go away completely however it did help and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Amanda was really easy to talk to and listened to me, she also told me what she was doing at each stage and the oils she was using and why. It was a great experience and if I ever have another baby I would definitely go for massage and acupuncture by Amanda again. Thank u so much amanda for helping me through my pregnancy and making it more comfortable and pleasurable. Xx
ive had acupuncture from Amanda for my back, after weeks of not being able to drive I am now mobile again, brilliant, thank you.
Had a lovely relaxing pregnancy massage with Amanda today. New premises and treatment room are lovely. Felt both relaxed and revived following my treatment and my back and pelvis feel better than they have done for weeks. Thanks again Amanda. Will definitely be back for a postnatal treat.
Went to see Amanda a couple of times when I was pregnant and she really helped ease the aches and pains. Would definitely recommend.
Had a couple of amazing massages off Amanda when I was pregnant. She really helped with my sciatica and really made me feel relaxed defiantly recommend her!! Xx
I have had Acupuncture from Amanda and she is an amazing woman. She is always professional yet friendly (which is a talent in itself!!). She really nows her subject, makes you feel comfortable and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Amanda's work reduces the need for tablets etc which can only be a bonus. Everyone give it a try - it is simply wonderful. Thank you Amanda for all you have done for me xx